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About me

Chilean immigrant based in Seattle, graphic designer specialized in editorial design and visual communication, independent researcher, artist, curator, and Proud Union Member at Seattle Art Museum.

Graphic Design

The artistry found in social protests is truly captivating, from the vibrant language scrawled on walls to the impassioned voices of those who participate. I draw inspiration from the skilled graphic communicators  who bring these messages to life.


Chile Woke is a project that aims to preserve and promote the visual history  of a crucial period in Chile's past, combining a digital archive with traveling exhibitions to support the Chilean social movement. 

salondusalon big_edited.jpg

I've conducted seven exhibitions locally (Seattle  and Olympia) and abroad (Marseille and Grenoble, France). Each exhibit is tailored for the community that would be attending, connecting the struggles of Chilean people with visitors. 

Following the same idea, a Fanzine is created for each show, serving as a catalog and containing the curatorial text so people can take these small pieces into their lives.

Working on this project has allowed me to develop experience as a curator and exhibit designer. Also, it empowered me to reconnect with my community locally and back in Chile, connecting with all the artists participating in this curatorial archive. It also has become the main anchor of my investigation.

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