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About me

I am a Latinx independent curator, graphic designer, and visual artist based in Seattle. My expertise spans from curating impactful exhibitions to creating compelling visual narratives. I am also trained in facilitating

trauma-informed art-based workshops and my project management skills have been instrumental in executing meaningful initiatives that empower and amplify marginalized voices.


I’m currently looking for opportunities to work in the museum industry and make an impact for the Latinx Community in the United States in the arts and culture.

Graphic Design

The artistry found in social protests is truly captivating, from the vibrant language scrawled on walls to the impassioned voices of those who participate. I draw inspiration from the skilled graphic communicators  who bring these messages to life.

salondusalon big_edited.jpg

I have organized seven exhibitions both locally (in Seattle and Olympia) and internationally (in Marseille and Grenoble, France). Each exhibition is meticulously crafted to resonate with its attending community, bridging the experiences of the Chilean people with visitors.

To complement each exhibition, I produce a Fanzine that serves as a catalog, featuring curated texts that allow attendees to take a piece of the experience home with them.

This project has been instrumental in developing my skills as a curator and exhibition designer. It has also reconnected me with my local community and my roots in Chile, fostering meaningful connections with the participating artists in this curatorial venture. Furthermore, it has become the cornerstone of my ongoing research.

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